Sermon Series

and Mission Group Study

No matter where you may find yourself these days...SOMEONE is always watching!  So, what do they see? Do they see a heart that is tender and pliable and consistently growing in its love for God and other people? Or, do they see something else?  Believe it or not, the way we Christ-followers live and love (even when we think that no one is watching...even when we think it doesn't matter) sends a clear and compelling message to others regarding who we are, whose we are, and what is really important to us.  Join us on Sundays this semester and join a sermon-based Mission Group somewhere during the week, where we will discover and discuss the ways that Daniel and his friends remained faithful to God...even when they thought that no one was looking...and...even in a culture that wasn't always terribly open to it. 

Week One Daniel Series: Watch here

Week Two Daniel Series: Watch here

Week Three Daniel Series: Watch here

Week Four Daniel Series: Watch here

Week Five Daniel Series: Watch here

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